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Specifications and prices

  • CPU2 Cores
  • RAM2048MB @ DDR4
  • Storage30 GB Pure SSD
  • Data traffic2000GB per maand
  • Connection 1 Gbps
  • IP adresses IPv4 & IPv6

Starting price from €12,- per month!
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Available upgrades

  • CPU (per core)€7.50
  • RAM (per 1024MB)€7.50
  • SSD storage per 30GB€3,00
  • IPv4 address per IP€1,50
  • DDoS filtered IP€7.50
  • 500GB data traffic€2.50

Questions? Contact our helpdesk.

Self healing

A hardware failure? No panic. An automated action will be taken, and your Cloud Server will be placed online on stand-by devices.

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Control panel

With our control panel you'll maintain full management of your Cloud Server and Resource Pools. Easy to manage where and whenever you want.

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DDos protection

Our full automated DDos protection makes sure that attacks from the outside are given no chance, due to softening when discovered.

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  • self-healing


    All Cloud Servers are hosted on interconnected Hypervisors. At all times there is a minimum of one hypervisor standby which can take the full load in case of a malfunction. That way you always are and will remain online and carefree!

    Distributed Storage

    Are you confronted with a hypervisor or physical disk going down? Thanks to our shared storage, all data is replicated to a second hypervisor. This means that a copy is available at all times and the malfunction will have no impact whatsoever.

    Hot Migraties

    Hot Migration give us the option of moving Cloud Servers without downtime. This is not only ideal for maintenance, it also contributes to the uptime of the Cloud Server!

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    Manage Backups

    We all know how important it is to make backups. To manage these as well as possible, you can convert them into a template, but you can also restore or delete them. All you need is this little bit of service.


    Reverse DNS

    Reverse DNS is otherwise named rDNS PTR Records or RevDNS. These can easily be adjusted for the allocated IP addresses if necessary. How better to do this than through the Weservcloud?


    Anycast DNS

    You can use our DNS servers distributed between 18 locations(!). Anycast DNS takes care of load balancing, redundancy and lower latency. And to top it all off, you also benefit from the fact that all of this is free. Weservcloud puts service first.

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    Create / Destroy VPS

    Thanks to our easy-to-manage control Panel, you're at the controls. With just a few clicks, you install or delete a Cloud Server with the number of reduced resources. That's having and keeping control at all times!


    List Servers

    Naturally you prefer having a clear idea of your business at any time and any place. This is made possible by our List Servers. You get an overview of all installed Cloud Servers and then you can manage each of them separately. This means your work routine is always up to date.


    Manage Server

    We offer various ways of managing a Cloud Server. To this end, you can use functions like Console, Power on/Power off, reboot, rebuild, Recovery mode, Logs, Scale, and Delete. They operate in a very self-evident way. However, if you need any extra information or explanation about Manage Server, feel free to contact us!

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    Reinstall Server

    Once every while it may be necessary to reinstall a Cloud Server. If so, you want to be sure that everything runs smoothly; in addition you can use this opportunity to freshen up your Cloud Server. To this end you can choose from numerous templates. Have you found inspiration yet?


    Manage Disks

    You can easily rearrange existing disks, add extra disks, and make backups in no time at all. Thanks to Weservcloud's system, managing your disks is a piece of cake!


    Manage Network

    With Manage network you can not only manage your network adapters, but also add or delete IP addresses. In addition you can use it to set firewall rules. Thanks to Weservcloud, managing was never this flawless and comfortable!

  • Gain protection against:

    • TCP SYN + ACK
    • TCP FIN
    • TCP ACK
    • TCP ACK + PSH
    • TCP Fragment
    • TCP, UDP & ICMP Floods
    • HTTP URL GET/POST Floods
    • Malformed HTTP Attacks
    • Slow-HTTP Request Attacks
    • SYN Floods Against SSL
    • Malformed SSL Attacks
    • SSL Renegotiation Attacks
    • SSL Exhaustion
    • SIP Request Floods
    • IGMP
    • Brute Force
    • Connection Flood
    • Spoofing / Non-Spoofed
    • Mixed SYN + UDP flood
    • Mixed ICMP + UDP flood
    • Ping of Death
    • DNS Cache Poisoning Attacks
    • DNS Amplification
    • Reflected ICMP and UDP
    • Teardrop
    • Botnets
    • Blackenergy, YoYoDDoS, etc
    • Slowloris/Pyloris and Pucodex
    • Sockstress and ApacheKiller
    • Voluntary Botnets
    • HOIC, LOIC, etc…
    • Application Attacks
    • Zero-day DDoS attacks
    • Apache vulnerabilities
    • Windows vulnerabilities
  • Together with our partner BlackLotus, we are responsible for all DDoS protection services. They have filed a patent for their DDoS Protection technology which means they have the most advanced DDoS Mitigation solution worldwide. With mitigation centers in Los Angeles, Ashburn and Amsterdam, BlackLotus really offers global mitigation and security. BlackLotus' global network ensures that DDoS attacks can be softened worldwide, close to their source, which means BlackLotus is able to handle the biggest DdoS attacks anywhere in the world. Additionally, the global mitigation centers ensure the lowest possible latency, which means that your services are always as efficient as possible.


Relax! Choose 200%

Choose 200% reliability with Weservit’s reliable cloud servers.
Unlimited possibilities and optimal performance. The control
panel, the self healing function, and the optional DDoS protection
offer you the security you’re looking for. Cloud computing doesn’t
get any more relaxed!

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